Education is vital to society’s growth and progress. It is an important field that empowers individuals, promotes social cohesion, improves health outcomes, drives economic growth, and fosters knowledge and innovation.

The workshop LAST is a forum to present recent academic research about the design, development, and implementation of technologies, tools, models, and applications to enhance learning.


Computers have been used to support education for many years, and they have proven their value recently during the social distance provoked by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Researchers worldwide have had the opportunity to explore new and different ways of using computers to support education.

On the other hand, new technologies, applications, tools, and models are developed to enhance learning.


The aim of this workshop is to bring together active researchers and students in the field of Learning Applications, Systems and Technologies so that they can:

  • Present and discuss innovative theoretical work and original applications.
  • Exchange ideas.
  • Establish collaboration links.
  • Discuss important recent achievements.
  • Talk over the significance of results in the field to AI in general.

In particular, the workshop aims to provide a forum for young researchers to present their ongoing research.

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